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Congressman Jim Renacci Visits Refcotec In Orrville Ohio

October 2, 2017
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“We have to change the way we are educating children.  I want to reward schools that graduate students with a skill set, not a certain test-score, and that are drug free.” Hon. Renacci said.  “I would want to have high schoolers work with people in businesses like this (REFCOTEC) at an earlier age, so they can see that they can make a living without a college education.”

During his visit, Renacci met with management and employees at REFCOTEC.  REFCOTEC is a foundry supply company founded by Bill DeWood and Tim Sheehan.  In its 28 year existence REFCOTEC has grown to be one of the largest foundry coating, sand additive and resin system suppliers in North America serving hundreds of foundries throughout the continent. 

Renacci further discussed the foundry industry as a whole and addressed two of the biggest challenges facing the industry: Work force shortages and Government regulation.

“We should give them (students and young people) opportunities to see the work being done in the foundry in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.”  Basically Renacci highlighted the fact that we need to foster the development of skilled laborers at an early age in order to promote the success of the manufacturing sector, and specifically the foundry industry. 

Currently OSHA has enacted a final rule on Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica which has been argued by several industry experts (including the American Foundry Society) to have severely negative effects on related industries (Foundry, Construction, Concrete).  Renacci discussed the rule in terms that we need to protect our work force, but over-reaching regulation is damaging to businesses.  Following Renacci’s meeting with REFCOTEC, a letter was sent from Renacci and other Congressional Representatives to the Secretary of Labor outlining the need to revisit this rule.

Excerpts from Sept 21, 2017 Letter:   

Since this rule was published, we continue to hear from industries across our districts about the severe negative effects this rule will pose.  The cost this regulation places on industry makes implementation economically unfeasible.  While OSHA estimates this regulation to cost $511 million annually, industry experts foresee much higher costs. For example, in March, the Construction Industry Safety Coalition found that cost compliance for just the construction industry will be nearly $5 billion.

Aside from the exorbitant costs and lack of direction, the rule’s impact will likely translate into significant job loss across all related industries.  During a time when we are trying to stimulate our economy, create jobs, and reduce the size of government, it cannot be argued that this rule will be beneficial.

After a tour of the REFCOTEC facility Renacci discussed his intentions to lead Ohio as governor.  "It's not a Republican or Democrat issue. {We} lost the basic conservative, financial approach to running a community, a country or state. There will definitely be major changes. Ohio is not going in the right direction."

Photos credited to Katelynn Mejia, OrrViews.

Congressman Jim Renacci Visits Refcotec In Orrville Ohio
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